Are Chainsaw Mills Worth It

Last Updated on August 12, 2023

Chainsaw mills are worth it if you need to mill lumber occasionally. If you have trees on your property and want to use them to build furniture, flooring or any other woodworking projects, milling your own lumber can be a great way to save money.

Chainsaw mills are a tool that attaches to a chainsaw and enables you to cut lumber in your backyard. Chainsaw mills are a cost-effective way for occasional lumber milling that can enable you to maintain control over the lumber cutting process, and save on commercial milling costs.

Especially when it comes to larger and hard-to-find wood species, chainsaw mills can give woodworkers access to materials that may not be available commercially. However, chainsaw mills do have limitations, including the type of saws they can work with and the precision of the cuts they produce.

History Of Chainsaw Mills

Chainsaw mills have a long history, dating back to the early 1950s. Originally used by loggers, this equipment has evolved over the years, giving rise to significant technological advancements in chainsaw milling. The first chainsaw mills were rudimentary in design and had limited capabilities.

As technology improved, however, so did their performance. Today, chainsaw mills can be used for a wide range of applications, making them an excellent choice for people looking for an economical and efficient way to mill their own lumber. With continued improvements in technology, it is hard to imagine a future where chainsaw mills won’t be a useful tool for people in many industries.

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Advantages Of Using A Chainsaw Mill

Using a chainsaw mill can be a cost-effective way to mill lumber. It provides several benefits, including convenience compared to other milling methods. Chainsaw mills also allow you to use your own chainsaw instead of purchasing a specialized mill. By eliminating transportation costs, you can bring the mill to the tree, avoiding additional expenses.

With a little practice, it’s easy to get precise cuts, resulting in less waste and maximum yield. Chainsaw mills are perfect for small projects and can be used at home or in the forest by anyone, with or without experience.

Overall, chainsaw mills prove to be a great investment for anyone looking to save money on lumber, while also enjoying the benefits of convenience and precision cuts.

Disadvantages Of Using A Chainsaw Mill

Using a chainsaw mill may not be the best choice for every project. Its limitations vary depending on the application, which should be considered before purchasing one. Safety risks can be high while using this tool, so it is important to take caution and use protective gear.

Common drawbacks include difficulties with maintaining accuracy and a lack of portability. It is also often limited to shorter logs, which can make it challenging for some projects. If you are considering purchasing a chainsaw mill, take the time to thoroughly research the potential drawbacks before making your decision.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Chainsaw Mill

Before investing in a chainsaw mill, it’s important to consider several factors. Choosing the right chainsaw blade is essential to ensure smooth and efficient cutting. Spare parts and accessories should also be readily available to avoid delays in case of repair or replacement.

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Compatibility with your chainsaw model should also be ensured. Another important consideration is the size of the logs you plan to mill, as there are different sizes of mills available in the market. Lastly, your level of experience and skill in using a chainsaw mill should also be taken into account.

Proper safety gear and precautions must always be observed. Overall, investing in a chainsaw mill can be worth it as long as you choose wisely and use it responsibly.

Are Chainsaw Mills Worth It In Comparison To Traditional Milling Methods?

Chainsaw mills are worth it when compared to traditional milling methods. Chainsaw mills can be cost-effective, offering a substantial difference in the price. They also offer greater mobility and flexibility, making them easy to move and work with in remote areas.

On the other hand, with bandsaw mills, work efficiency is much higher but not suited to heavy and thick pieces of wood. Cnc mills, although highly efficient, are extremely expensive, making them less appealing for those on a budget. Ultimately, it might depend on your desired output and financial position, but chainsaw mills are a great alternative with numerous advantages over traditional milling methods.

Factors That Determine The Value Of A Chainsaw Mill

A chainsaw mill can be a valuable investment depending on various factors. Durability and ease of use are critical considerations. Additionally, the intended use and application may dramatically affect the chainsaw mill’s value. The durability will ensure that the product lasts and is reliable for a long time.

If the mill is difficult to use, it can be quite frustrating to operate. Moreover, the intended use will determine the size and power of the mill required. A chainsaw mill can be beneficial for cutting custom-sized wood in remote areas.

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It can also be instrumental in cutting timber for commercial purposes. Therefore, taking into account these factors will determine if a chainsaw mill is worth the investment or not.


After analyzing the pros and cons of a chainsaw mill, it’s evident that the tool is definitely worth considering if you want to maximize small logs. Whether you’re a professional lumberjack or a hobbyist, you can upgrade your sawmill productivity, especially if you have access to plenty of fallen trees in your vicinity.

Also, because of the tool’s portability, you can easily transport it to any site you want to mill trees. However, chainsaw mills aren’t perfect – they can be time-consuming and not as effective for larger logs as conventional mills are.

But ultimately, it all boils down to personal preference and usage. If you don’t mind the hassle of cutting the logs into lumber, a chainsaw mill can be a money-saver and beneficial for your woodworking projects. The choice to invest in a chainsaw mill or not will depend on your individual needs and desired output.

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