How Much is Craftsman Table Saw Worth

Last Updated on June 11, 2023

A craftsman table saw can be worth anywhere from $150 to $800, depending on the model and condition. Craftsman table saws are known for their durability, quality, and precision, making them a go-to tool for woodworkers.

However, before buying or selling a craftsman table saw, it is important to understand its worth. Factors that affect the value of a craftsman table saw include its age, condition, accessories, and features like blade size and motor power. A newer, more advanced model with additional features will be more expensive than an older, simple version.

Moreover, a well-maintained saw with all of its original accessories will be worth more than one that is aged or incomplete. Therefore, to determine the value of a craftsman table saw, it is essential to consider these factors and compare prices in the market.

Understanding The Craftsman Brand

Craftsman has been in the tool-making business for over 90 years. Sears has owned the brand since 1927. As a result, the craftsman brand has become well-known and revered in the tool industry. A combination of quality, affordability, and durability has earned craftsman a loyal following.

Craftsman has an extensive line of power tools, hand tools, and storage units. They have an excellent reputation for standing behind their products with a warranty program. Additionally, craftsman offers a wide range of tools to suit various budgets. But, how much is craftsman table saw worth?

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This depends heavily on the saw’s condition, features, and age. A vintage saw may fetch a higher price, but newer models with advanced features can be valuable. It is best to research and compare the prices of similar models before purchasing.

Features To Look For In A Craftsman Table Saw

Craftsman table saw is a prized possession for any woodworker. If you are looking to sell your saw, it’s essential to know how much it’s worth. When assessing the worth of a craftsman table saw, consider the features that it possess such as power, performance, durability, longevity, ease of use, and safety.

Power and performance are arguably the most critical factors to look for in a table saw. The saw should be powerful enough to handle your most challenging projects without any difficulty. Durability and longevity come next. A good table saw should last for years and survive even the most rigorous handling.

Safety and precision are also essential to consider. The saw should be easy to use but also have a set of safeties that will keep the user from getting hurt. Lastly, the accuracy of the saw can make or break the quality of your end product.

What Influences The Value Of A Craftsman Table Saw

Craftsman table saws are a popular choice for woodworkers, and their value can vary greatly depending on a few key factors. One of these is the historical context of the model – older saws may be more valuable due to their scarcity and uniqueness.

Rarity and demand also play a significant role in determining the worth of a craftsman table saw. Saws that are in high demand and hard to come by can fetch a higher price on the market. Another critical factor is the condition and maintenance of the table saw.

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A well-maintained saw in excellent working condition will always garner a higher value than a damaged or poorly maintained one. Finally, the saw’s age and vintage status can also influence its value, with older or rarer models commanding higher prices.

By considering all of these factors, you can get a better sense of how much a craftsman table saw is worth.

How To Find The Current Market Value Of A Craftsman Table Saw

To find out the current market value of a craftsman table saw, start by doing online research. Check out websites like ebay and amazon to see what similar products are selling for. You can also consult with certified appraisal services and dealers who can provide you with a valuation based on the condition and age of the product.

Don’t forget to account for your own personal preferences, such as the condition of the saw and any unique features it may have. By doing your due diligence and utilizing these resources, you can determine how much your craftsman table saw is worth on today’s market.


Craftsmanship is a term that is not new to the world of machinery and equipment. It is a concept that has been there for centuries and has become the hallmark of quality that people look for in tools and equipment.

And when it comes to table saws, craftsman is a brand that has earned a reputation for producing top-quality saws for professionals and diy enthusiasts alike. In our exploration of how much a craftsman table saw is worth, we have discovered that the value of the saw depends on several factors.

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The age, condition, and features of the saw play a major role in determining the value. Additionally, the demand for the product, as well as the location of the sale, can also affect the price. It is clear that a craftsman table saw is a valuable asset to have, whether for personal or professional use.

Investing in a good quality one will definitely pay off in the long run, as it will save you both time and money. With careful research and attention to detail, you can find the perfect craftsman table saw for your needs at a reasonable price.

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