How to Properly Clean Power Tools

Last Updated on September 20, 2020

Did you ever think that your a small maintenance can make your important power tools last longer? Here, maintenance means cleaning power tools. It is a well-known truth that the durability of the power tools mostly depends on its maintenance.

If you maintain good maintenance of your tools like cleaning it properly after the use, then the tools will be with you for a long time.

However, today I will be talking about the techniques about cleaning your power tools properly.

Get prepared:

Before getting started with cleaning your power tools, you need to be prepared in a good manner. For preparing yourself, you may go through the instruction manual that comes with the tools.

Without it, before starting the cleaning process, make sure that the power tools are unplugged from the power source. Otherwise, it may cause an extreme accident. For the utmost security, better put a pair of working hand gloves, safety boots and goggles to be safe from sharp edges.

Bring the cleaning solution:

Well, it is an important thing to bring approved cleaning solutions. For better guidelines about the solutions, you can go through the instruction manual. There you will find the perfect cleaning products and methods. This will help you to keep your products last longer.

Clean all the dirt:

Dirt is one of the biggest enemies of power tools. It can make a great effect on the performance of your power tools. That’s why you need to remove all the dirt in a good manner. For removing the dirt, you can use an air compressor or a vacuum cleaner. These are a good way for cleaning every portion of a tool.

However, while using the air compressor, you should not set the pressure more than 30 psi for safety purposes.

Use a degreaser:

You can use a degreaser, especially if your tool holds poor casing maintenance. You can use it on the metallic surface of your tools. However, I am providing the process of degreasers.

At first, you need to apply the degreasers on the surface of your tools. While applying the degreases, make sure that it does not enters inside of the tool.

Then, give the degreasers a bit of time to set. Different degreasers may take different time to set. To know the exact time, you can see the manufacturers guide. After that, you can wipe off the solution and apply a new one if necessary.

Lastly, you need to wipe down the surface of your tools with soft cloths whenever you will find the degreaser has broken down the oil and grease.

Don’t forget to use a corrosion protector:

Continuous contact of your tools with the moisture may create corrosion on the metallic parts of the tools. Once your power tools will get corroded, then it will start losing its durability gradually. That’s why it is a must to keep your tools protected from corrosion.

Applying the corrosion protector will keep your tools safe. There are lots of products to use as a corrosion protector. You can go to any one of these. However, if you are still confused about selecting the corrosion protector, then you may go and talk to your local hardware stores.

Inspect all the moving parts:

Well, there is a point. It is often seen that we forget to clean the moving parts of our tools. It is important to pay the same attention to the moving parts though. You should check all parts are working fine or not. All the fasteners should be tight enough. Without, all the moving parts should move decently. You need to check the power connectors as well.

Apart from this, using lubricant to the moving parts of your power tool is a good idea. The lubricants help the moving parts working efficiently. So, it is better to use lubricants. However, you can check the instruction manual that comes with the tools for lubricating properly. You will everything like where and how to use a lubricant.

Storing the tool properly:

According to me, stooring the tools properly is also a part of maintenance. You should dry the tool properly before storing it. If the tool remains wet, it may get the touch of moisture. As a result, it will get corroded. Once your tool will get corroded, it will start losing its durability.

Without it, the place where you will be storing the tool must be dry. Better use a toolbox or a case for storing the tools. It will keep the dust and dirt away from the tools


1. Never ever submerge the power tools in the water
2. Never start cleaning the power tools when it is plugged in.


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