How to use power tools safely

Last Updated on September 20, 2020

Power tools are an essential part of our daily lives. We can name our tools as a blessing. But this blessing can turn into the reason for accidents if we can not make the proper use of these tools.

That’s why you need to know everything about the usage of power tools and using them safely.

In this article, I will be sharing some tips about using your power tools safely. If you need to deal with your power tools very often, then I will suggest you go through this article.

Before getting started:

The first tips about getting started with your power tools are reading the instruction manual strictly. Every power tools come with an instruction manual where the process to use the tools, warnings and tips are being described. You must go through the whole manual and should follow it strictly.

If your tool demands any personal protective equipment, then you should arrange it. Otherwise, you may have to pay for this.

It is always recommended to inspect your tools before using them. Take time and check whether everything is fine or not. If there is anything wrong, then you must recover it first.

It is highly recommended to contact an expert while recovering, you should not try to repair the tools unless you are experienced. Never try to deal with your damaged tool. Better give another inspection after the use and before going to store.

While using:

Don’t be excited much while dealing with power tools. It can be a reason for an accident. Always make proper attention and try to go smoothly.

Don’t use your power tools if you are sick, tired, distracted, or even under the influence of drugs.

Don’t carry the power tools using its cord. Unplug the cord after use and keep it away from oil, heat and sharp edges. you should never yank the hose or the cord for disconnecting it from the receptacle.

Never forget to switch off the tools before connecting them to a power supply. Use your power tools in a dry position. Try not to use it in a wet condition unless the tools are not approved for this.

Never use a light-duty power cord for dealing with your power tools. It may cause an accident. Use a heavy-duty power cord. Better check the rate of current flow and use the power cord that suits the tools.

Always try to avoid using so many extensions. Don’t tie the power cords in knots. It can be the reason for the short circuit even shocks. You can loop the cords if you want.

While using the tools, you should care about your foot balance. Make sure that you are using slip-resistant boots. Avoid using the power tools for a long time and take a short break after a few moments.

Try to avoid accidental starting. You should keep in mind that you should not hold the fingers on the switch button while carrying a plugged-in tool.

After using:

While unplugging, You should always pull the plug. Never pull the cord. It may be the reason for electric shock. Check whether everything is fine or not.

Cleaning the tools before storing is a good idea. You can use an air compressor to make the dirt and debris out. For steal metal, you can use the cleaner and wipe down using a cloth.

While storing your tools, never forget to store your power tools in a dry and secure place. It is highly recommended to inspect your tools every two weeks whether you use it or not. This trick will help to increase the durability of the tool.


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