Tips to make your tools last longer

Last Updated on September 20, 2020

Having good tools does not guarantee always a comfortable working experience if you do not take care of your tools properly. Your tools may get damaged or you may get it useless.

In order to make your tools last longer, you have to follow some simple tricks.

In this article, I will be giving some tricks regarding how you can make your tools last longer.

Give the tools regular inspection:

In order to make your tools last longer, regular inspection is an important thing. You should give an inspection to your tools after each use or at least once in a month while you are not using the tools.

If you find any fault in the tools, you should make an immediate repair of the tools. Otherwise, small damage may lead to serious damage.

Always let them be in their house:

Another important issue where you must pay attention is the storing system of your tools. You should not store them in an improper way. It is better to follow some rules while storing the tools. These are:

1) Using pegboard: Using a pegboard to store the tools is considered as the best way of storing the tools. In a pegboard, you can have a look at all your tools at a glance. There is no chance of losing a tool.

2) Using Tool-box: Using a tool-box is another option for storing your tools. Like the pegboard, you can store your all tools in the tool-box.

However, if you can’t afford both pegboard and tool-box, then you can go for a cloth beg to keep all your tools. Remember, you should place the bag in a dry place.

The most common problem that people face is the place where the tools will be stored. Usually, people like to store tools in the garage. But, the garage is not a suitable place as the basement gets damped due to humidity. To solve the humidity problem, you can use a dehumidifier.

One important thing you need to keep in mind that, you should not keep the garden tools on the concrete floors. Moisture creeps easily from the concrete floors.

Keep them dry, neat and clean:

Well, without regular inspection and storing all the tools in a good manner, there is something more needed to consider in order to make the tools last longer. These are – You should keep the tools dry, neat and clean. The cleaning procedure for the tools may vary for different kinds of tools.

You can clean the hand tools and garden tools easily by wiping down using soap and water. For the metal body tools, WD-40 can be used for washing purposes and good oil can be used for wooden handle tools. After wiping down, keep in mind that the tools should be dry before storing them. It is better to store the tools in the original cases with what they have come.

If you have a powered tool, then the procedure would be a bit different. Before going to start your cleaning procedure, the first step should be unplugging the tools. Then you can use an air compressor to clean the powered tools. Without it, you may use the lubricant oil on the moving parts and the surface of the tools.


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