Why Did Jigsaw Choose Adam

Last Updated on August 19, 2023

Jigsaw chose adam because he was a photographer who had disrespected the art form by staging images to create a fake reality. This fit jigsaw’s worldview that people are entitled and must learn to value their lives.

As a result, jigsaw tested adam’s will to live by putting him in a situation where he had to saw off his foot to escape. Adam was one of the main characters in the first saw movie, which was released in 2004.

The film was an instant success and spawned a horror franchise that lasted for over a decade. The series revolved around the character of jigsaw, a serial killer who put his victims through elaborate and terrifying games to teach them the value of their lives. Jigsaw had chosen adam because he believed that the photographer had taken his gift for granted and had disrespected it by manipulating reality. Hence, jigsaw put adam through a series of brutal tests to prove to him the worth of his life.


Adam’s journey in saw ii might have been a challenging ride, but one worth exploring. From the very beginning, jigsaw saw something in adam that others didn’t. His determination to survive despite being trapped in a deathly game proved to jigsaw that adam deserved a second chance at life.

What made adam stand out from the rest was his sheer willpower to fight for his life. And jigsaw saw that as a valuable trait. Furthermore, jigsaw can be seen as an agent of change who wanted people to transform their lives for the better.

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Despite his unconventional methods, he taught people to value their lives and appreciate the little things they take for granted. Jigsaw’s choice to pick adam was no coincidence, but a call to action for viewers to see the world through a different lens.

He saw potential in adam and that’s what makes his character arc so compelling.

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